The PTA is a group of parents, faculty, and community members that are interested in helping to make Hodge Road Elementary the best school for its students.  The PTA's mission is to support the school by increasing communication, collaboration, volunteerism, and fundraising to support activities and experiences that benefit the students.
La PTA es un grupo de padres, profesores y miembros de la comunidad que 
están interesados ​​en ayudar a Hodge Road Elementary a ser la mejor 
escuela para sus estudiantes. La misión de la PTA es apoyar a la escuela 
aumentando la comunicación, la colaboración, el voluntariado y la 
recaudación de fondos para apoyar actividades y experiencias que beneficien 
a los estudiantes.

2016-17 Goals

  • Grow parent and teacher membership by 100%.
  • Raise funds to buy equipment with a focus on Technology for the school.
  • Increase communication with parents through the website, newsletters, and Facebook

PTA Member Form

Sign up by completing this form and placing the payment in the PTA box in the Main Office.